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Walmart Tent

Why Does Ozark-Trail-Tents.com Care So Much About Camping?

1) Camping is by far one of the most enjoyable vacations a family can take and is an excellent bonding opportunity!

(Stick a family in an Walmart tent and you have no choice but to bond) 

2) Camping is one of the most enjoyable experiences that a family on a budget can have while creating memories that will last a life time!

 (Once you have your camping gear you can go camping for very little cost any time you want)

3) Camping is a great way to connect with nature, spend time relaxing and forget the stress of daily life!

(Take a relaxing hike or lounge around in a hammock, add to that a night or two in an Ozark Trail tent listening to nature and your stress will melt away)

4) Camping can be an energizing and elating experience rejuvenating your body and providing focus for your mind!Camping is an escape from the ordinary and offers a new adventure every time!

(Camping can clear the mind and let you focus on what is important in life, your body gets rejuvenated and energized from the absence from everyday pressures)

5) Camping is an escape from the ordinary and offers a new adventure every time!

(no need for explanation)

Replacement Tent Poles

We know many of you are looking for replacement tent poles for Walmart tents so we have listed several types here as well as a tent pole repair kit. You can find more styles of replacement tent poles at the bottom of the page.

  • Replacement Fibreglass Pole Kit Shock Corded Camping Tent Equipment Black 4.5M X 8.5MM 9 Sections
  • Replacement fiberglass pole kit Ideal for replacing broken poles Spigots and elastic cord included Handy to take as a spare when camping Lightweight with a small pack size for easy transportation and storage
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  • Generic Fiberglass Tent Pole Kit
  • Material:fiber glass Sole pole length:3.9m Section length:43.3cm Diameter:7.9mm
  • Check Price
  • Texsport 7/16-Inch Tent Pole Replacement Kit
  • Four 25-5-Inch fiberglass tent poles Zinc coated steel ferrules Two vinyl pole caps, grommet tip and instructions P.V.C. bag/header 10-Feet of elastic shock-cord and 29-Inch leader wire
  • Check Price
  • Coleman Replacement Tent Pole Kit
  • Compatible with most family dome tents Pre-attached ferrules Includes four 27-in fiberglass replacement poles, 10 ft. of shock cord and lead wire, 2 vinyl pole caps and easy set-up instructions
  • Check Price
  • Coghlan's 194 Tent Pole Repair Kit
  • Tent pole repair kit Includes 130-Inch shock cord, 30-Inch wire, 6 washers and 2 ferrules A must have for any camper
  • Check Price

This is why we here at Ozark Trail Tents and Camping Gear care so much about camping!

We hope you feel the same way and that is why we have dedicated ourselves to providing our visitors with the best information, tips, tricks, guides, and gear to make your camping experience the adventure of a life time.

Here at Ozark Trail Tents and Camping Gear you will find great articles on camping and hiking as well as articles on great vacation ideas. Additionally you will find honest reviews on great camping gear and camping tents such as Ozark Trail Tents (Walmart Tents), Northwest Territory Tents, Wenzel Tents, Kelty Tents, Coleman Camping Tents, North Pole Tents, camping cookware, backpacks, first aid kits and everything else related to camping.

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Ozark Trail 10 x 9 Instant Cabin Tent Review buttonOzark Trail 10 x 9 Instant Cabin TentsOzark Trail 10 x 9 6 Person Instant Cabin Tent

This Ozark Trail 10 x 9 6 person instant cabin tent can fit two queen airbeds and can comfortably sleep up to 6 people (without airbeds). Additionally this large cabin style tent features three large windows offering a wonderful view, a gear organizer and a hanging gear loft to conveniently store all of your camping gear in……….Read More

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 Walmart Tents 8 Person Cabin Tent Video Review

Walmart Tents

Walmart tents are sold under the brand name Ozark Trail. In addition to selling camping tents, you will find a wide variety of Walmart camping gear being sold under the name Ozark Trail. Walmart uses several different manufacturers to create their line of camping gear yet markets it all under the name.

Below you will find 5 of the top Walmart tents being sold today.

Top 5 Walmart Tents

Ozark Trail 22 piece Camping Combo Set

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  • Ozark Trail 22 piece Camping Combo Set
  • Sleeps: 4
  • Includes: 4-person tent, 1 gear loft, 8 tent stakes, 2 sleeping bags, 2 pillows, 2 foam sleeping pads, 2 chairs, 2 dry bags, 1 lantern, 1 carry-all bag Free-standing tent design for easy assembly Mesh walls with removable rainfly provide ample ventilation Tent includes rainfly, gear loft, gear pocket, eport access and welcome mat

Ozark Trail 9-Person Instant Cabin Tent

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  • Ozark Trail 9-Person Instant Cabin Tent
  • Sleeps: 9
  • Ozark Trail 9 Person 2 Room Instant Cabin Tent with Screen Room: Sets up in under 2 minutes No assembly required, poles pre-attached to tent Sleeps 9 Fits 2 queen airbeds Includes room divider to create 2 room tent Includes rainfly with factory sealed seams Large windows with mesh screens Electrical cord access Gear organizer included Carry bag included Tent stakes included

Ozark WT172115 Trail 10-Person Family Tent

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  • Ozark WT172115 Trail 10-Person Family Tent
  • Sleeps: 10
  • The Ozark Trail 10-Person Family Tent features three rooms with two removable room dividers and two doors. It's a great choice for camping with family or friends. 2 doors Media pocket. Fiberglass poles Storage pockets Rollback fly for added ventilation Attached screen porch Made of polyester taffeta and polyester mesh with PE sheet floor

Ozark Trail 11 Person 3 Room 14' x 14' Instant Cabin Tent

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  • Ozark Trail 11 Person 3 Room 14' x 14' Instant Cabin Tent
  • Sleeps: 11
  • This 11 person Ozark Trail tent features easy 2 minute set up and can fit 2 queen mattresses. Perfect for large families. Sets up in under 2 minutes No assembly required: poles pre-attached to tent Sleeps 11, fits 2 queen air mattresses Private back room and included room divider allow for 3 separate living spaces 6 large windows and mesh panel ceilings for amazing views and great ventilation

Ozark Trail 6-Person Dark Rest Instant Cabin Tent

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  • Ozark Trail 6-Person Dark Rest Instant Cabin Tent
  • Sleeps: 6
  • The Ozark Trail Six-Person Dark Rest Instant Cabin Tent sets up in just 60 seconds! This 10 x 9 feet instant tent requires no assembly because the poles are pre-attached to the tent, just unfold and extend. Innovative Dark Rest technology blocks sunlight helping you stay cooler and sleep longer. Multiple skylights with interior ceiling panels allow you to customize the light, and can be rolled back for stargazing or extra interior illumination. The cabin-style tent features three large windows for great views of the outdoors and comfortably fits two queen airbeds or up to six campers in sleeping bags on the floor. Keep your gear organized with the included hanging gear loft and large gear organizer.

Camping can be an amazing experience for your whole family, however, you do need the right camping gear, from the right camping tent to the best camping cookwear, so that your family camping vacation is a memorable one and enjoyed by the whole family. So before choosing what camping tent or other camping gear is right for you, please read through our review section so that you can make an informed choice.

Ozark Trail DividerOzark Trail Camping Checklist

We want to help make your next camping adventure one that you will never forget (for good reasons) so we have created a handy camping checklist to help ensure you have all the necessary gear for your next family camping trip.


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Ozark Trail Tent Poles

The brand Ozark Trails which is Walmart tents in-house brand does not sell replacement tent poles which is what many of you may be looking for. Amazon however does carry a large selection of tent poles to fit many different styles and sizes of camping tents. You will be sure to find what you need.

How do Ozark Trail Tents (Walmart Tents) Compare

Walmart is known for their low prices but not always for their quality. This brand of Walmart tents does however provide quality, at least the level of quality that you would expect for the extremely reasonable cost of these camping tents.

That’s what makes Ozark Trail tents such a great deal and extremely popular with so many people. You can get a small 2 person dome tent for as little as $35 and if you need something larger for the whole family you will find Ozark Trail 12 person cabin tents that sell for as little as $350.

Although their are some common issues reported by customers, mainly problems with tent poles breaking, the low cost makes them a great value. Besides, tent poles are easy replaceable, just not from Walmart themselves.

All and all, This brand of Walmart tents offers a great value for a great price.